What Price are You Willing to Pay?

Many of us have wishes, goals and ideas about what we still want to achieve in our lives or what our life should look like in the best case. We imagine in our thoughts how nice it would be to achieve this and, if we are good, we even become active to go in the right direction. We make plans and, if we are smart, we get support for difficult tasks or setbacks.

The problem with achieving a goal

What are your goals in life? This, or in a similar fashion, you might hear in job interviews, on a date, or reading a self-development book. They recommend us to set high, audacious, almost impossible goals. And, of course we set goals for ourselves, too. They can be small or big. The question is: What…

Starting small

I guess we all have dreams about our lives and what would make it wonderful. If you are like me, you might have big dreams at times and a lot of things you want to do and/or achieve. This entry is about one way to reach your goals: By starting small.