What can give you hope?

the appraisal of one’s capability and determination to achieve a goal and 2.) hope pathways thinking, which is the mental process of identifying viable routes to goals.

To hope or not to hope

You probably know this feeling. There is something you wish for, but you know you should not hope too much, otherwise not getting it can be difficult to bear. It is a roller coaster. Our minds alternating between painting bright and hopeful pictures of what will happen, if our wish comes true, and painting dark…

Something died…

Where to start? What I am about to write is still vague and fuzzy. I hope that writing about it will bring more clarity. So, please bear with me again =). It started more than a year ago when Tanya and I broke up. I fell into a hole and I wasn’t myself. I thought…

Brick by Brick

We want to lead an adventurous life. A life filled with excitement. We want to create that is special. We want to constantly be happy and successful. We want to discover and explore and we are innately curious. This can drive us. This can also put a lot of pressure on us, too.

Finding light in the Darkness

Even the Buddhist say: Life is suffering. Okay, they also say how to alleviate suffering, but this process is hard and long, and for many not very appealing. This means we are faced with a lot of darkness in our lives and one task is bestowed upon us: finding light.

Musings on Love – VI

The last time, I wrote about letting go and that it is still difficult for me. I realized that there are still two parties involved that this is even possible.