What to do with PPT?

If you work in a corporate setting, or you are still a student, chances are high that you have to work a lot with PowerPoint (PPT). For a while, I ask myself, if we have a healthy way of using it. We spend a lot of time with finishing the slides, so they look prettier….

Can playing around with intensity improve our performance at work?

When you are doing sports, the answer is an obvious yes. Athletes vary the intensity all the time to put their bodies under stress and to improve their performance. The question is whether this could also be beneficial at work? In a soccer match, you cannot go full speed from start to finish. Sure, you…

Start of the 80% experiment

Today I handed in my newly signed 80%-contract. It will start from the 1st of May. This is the end of a long thought process with a lot of hesitation, and it is also the start of an experiment.

Achieving more with more breaks

To achieve a lot during the day, my believe was that I have to work a lot. And breaks are a waste of time. But this only lead me procrastinating and taking even more breaks. This, in turn, strengthened my belief that breaks are a waste of time. But contrary to my initial belief, can…

More than just a number

Working in a big company can feel cold sometimes. The question is why does it feel that way and what is the effect?